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If you want to LIST a consignment scroll down for instructions. Stay tuned as a new feature to our consignments is soon to come!

The Pageant Place has been making and designing crown-worthy pageant clothes for more than 15 years. 

Our Missions is to provide ORIGINAL, TOP QUALITY competition clothing that you, your daughter – and the judges – will love!  The Pageant Place is the place to order a one-of-a-kind dress, find must-have accessories or land a gently-used (and still gorgeous!) outfit in our consignment store.

The Pageant Place is a full service shoppe that will meet practically ALL of your pageant competition needs.  Inquire about our CUSTOM-MADE pageant clothing or shop with us ONLINE or at our RETAIL STORE in Skiperville/Ozark, Alabama.  Big dreams but small budget?  We also sell clothes on CONSIGNMENT.  Save money – buy our gently-worn, crown-worthy dresses. Or make money – sell your pageant dresses, gowns or sports attire for extra cash!


If you want to list a pageant dress or other pageant related item all you have to do is email the items individually along with price, description and an email or phone number and I will post them as soon as I can. PLEASE DO THIS OR IT WILL BE OVERLOOKED UNTIL I HAVE TIME TO SORT THROUGH THEM ALL: Please subject field "RE" of the email put the SZ and what the item is - 2T Dress, ect. If the item has sold please put 2T dress sold, ect and the description if possible. If you scan and email the information there is no charge.  However, for those of you that want immediate posting of your item instead of waiting for my routine updates, you may PayPal a $2.00 fee per item you wish posted.  I will try to post these with in one to two business days.

If you need to send the pics to me to scan there is a flat fee of $5.00 per item to cover the scanning time and return postage. If you prefer to have me sell your items please call me to discuss charges as the vary. This is not a "yard sale" listing.  I do reserve the right to post what I feel my customers and site seers are looking for.  I have a large assortment of customer needs from prelim to national so I don't have a set guideline and I will post what I think people may be looking for.  Although I may not post an item right away, I email your listings many times to customers that have requested certain things or upon several inquiries about items I may post them at a later date.  Also, I usually post my custom made items and current client items at the tops of each category so be sure to scan all the way down while you shop.  Thanks and enjoy your shopping.


PLEASE NOTE, DO NOT FORWARD ME YOUR ITEMS IN ZIP Ect. Email them to me individually.  There are too many viruses right now for me to even think of opening a forwarded email.  

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Please also Note all items on links below are for sale!

Working very hard to update these  As of 10/16/13 Many are up to date!

Don't forget The Pageant Place Store for custom supply needs!!!!!

Interview Suits & Cocktail Dresses

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Heirloom Dresses

Hollywood Babe New & Used

Pageant Sports Wears Sz 0-4

Pageant Sports Wears Sz 5& up

Pageant Swimwear - Swim Suits

Pageant Western Wears

Pageant 50's, Talent, Crowning, Casual & Misc