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Will update with more soon, Also our Facebook page may have others not listed here! Also, be sure to look at pages up and down from your size IE - JrMiss/Miss Page or the 5-8-10 Dresses as there may be dresses there too you like. It is hard to categorize some dresses :)

 A Winning style design by The Pageant Place for those Teens right in between age groups.  This dress offers the mature style for the higher group but the soft and sweetness of our PreTeen/Teen. Off the shoulder straps but also with rhinestone straps, color is a CRISP BRIGHT coral and white, flare bodice, three piece skirt/bodice/side bustle so you also wear a full skirt if you choose.  Aprox size 10/12. Dress is in Store and now for sale! Email


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Totally adorable!  Actually made for local competition like school & fair pageants (we are used to very high glitz) and did extremely well.  Design by Toni Overby & made by Mary Jo for Madolyn, we borrowed it when we were in-between and won too! It's here at the store for sale for now. Aprox size 8/10.  Email Updated 6/22/13

Another custom design by The Pageant Place for sale.  Lace detachable sleeves, cabochons, pearls and rhinestones, a little girls dream.  The ruffles, bows and flared waistline add softness to this off the shoulder design. Long or short skirt choice with this one. Aprox sz 8/10  Email

Yes another winning design by The Pageant Place!  This Neon Mint has won several National titles as well as several local school & fair type pageants systems. We lost count on the stones for this dress, everywhere you look there are more stones.  New the dress was over 3K! It's for sale now and I have it here at The Pageant Place! Apr Sz 12/14  Email Updated 9/22/13

Stunning sunshine yellow chiffon. Full busted top and rather short length, either a perfect fit if shaped like client or could be altered through bust if not as full but still shorter in length..   I have it here at The Pageant Place!   Email Updated 9/22/13

Because of the damages incurred I will no longer allow returns, make sure you like it and measurements are correct. I will post any seeable damage, if any at all, so you will be aware of it at time of purchase. The Pageant Place is not responsible for items not sold by us.